Roberto Elguera



This semester writing for Voices of Utah helped me realize the work and talent on the west side of Salt Lake City. Through meeting many new faces and seeing new places, I feel connected with the city more than ever. The city doesn’t feel like concrete slabs, shopping malls, and piercing skyscrapers. No. I see vibrant walls and hear the hissing of the spray decorating a once blank wall. I hear spoken word and mantras of encouragement coming from the local Hip-Hop artists pushing themselves to get their voices heard and put Utah on the map. I feel the care and unity in the community gathering centers. Providing spaces for youth to stretch their creative and academic skills.

The least I can do is amplify these voices and make people more aware of each person’s story. It wasn’t easy, and at times nerve-racking. But as Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try.” There was no time, in mulling over how I was going to give a “perfect” interview, I just needed to put myself out there. At times I felt lost. No story in sight, but it was that one detail that helped me to see the bigger picture. Seeing the crowd go wild at Kilby Court helped me realize the impact the Hip-Hop scene can have on a bigger scale.

A book that helped me in my feature writing is William E. Blundell’s The Art and Craft of Feature Writing. Blundell’s story-telling and breakdown of what he’s learned in his years as a journalist, helped me understand the structure, pacing, and word selection, to help me develop my own style. 


I’m, as you can see, Roberto Elguera. I was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Provo, Utah. I’m now living in Salt Lake City, where I’ll be graduating as part of the 2020 class at the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis on journalism. Having a diverse background, I was always interested in people’s stories. In my career, I hope to give people the opportunity to share those experiences. Part of my time at the U included an internship at K-UTE Radio. I was able to pursue my interests in Hip-Hop culture and entertainment by hosting “The Hip Hop Drip.” I got to interview artists, partake in shows in Salt Lake City, and build my radio chops.

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