Kristan Ehorn



I have realized through the beat this semester that there are so many things to learn about within my community that can help me to grow. I learned very quickly that it doesn’t take much to learn ways to be involved or to learn about someone’s business. All of the people I interviewed were very eager to talk to me about their work. They all seemed very passionate about it and were excited that someone was interested in them. This in and of itself was very inspiring to me. It was heartwarming to feel their love for their work through many conversations with them.  

My community involvement was the most eye opening when I got to hear people’s personal stories. I had a specific moment when interviewing one of the directors of The Asian Link Project. I felt like her desire to help other people was so selfless. It was very humbling to hear about the hardships she has helped with over the last two years. The volunteers do all their work for free and spend a lot of hours on their projects and that was incredible to learn about.  

I feel like I am more aware of social injustices due to this semester’s beat. I know more about what has been happening in our community and the struggles that people have had. I really didn’t know that people were being attacked as much as they are for being Asian. I was able to talk firsthand with people who had gone through these attacks, and it gave me an entirely new perspective on how hard that must be. I didn’t realize how close to home these issues are. I learned that finding this awareness about what is going on is the first step to being able to advocate and to get involved to help. I have been able to connect with some incredible people throughout this journey and I also learned a lot about their perspectives. I have a greater empathy for them, their culture, and their community.  


Kristan Ehorn has been studying for two degrees at the University of Utah. Her first degree is Family and Consumer Studies and Human Development with a minor in Spanish. Her second degree is Communication. After she graduates, she plans to continue her career serving people in corporate wellness. She also plans to continue her career path with hospitality and design. She plans to implement her new skills with both of her degrees. Kristan’s primary interests consist of helping her community through volunteerism and assisting with personal wellness to corporate employees through offering onsite classes. Kristan is also able to offer support to others via her knowledge of digital design systems.  

Kristan has experience in many different fields. The first being corporate wellness. She has taught over 3,000 yoga and meditation classes to date and is ERYT-500 hour certified in her field. She has been teaching onsite for employees across the Salt Lake Valley for over a decade. Kristan plans to continue her journey along with expanding herself in other directions as well. She loves to use her high regard for other people’s feelings and wellness in other aspects of her professional journey. 

Kristan has overcome many trials in her life starting from an early age. She spent a year living in Mexico and has been able to use her fluency in Spanish to help communicate with others even further. Kristan found herself in very difficult situations and didn’t have much support, so she learned very quickly how important it was to empathize with others. Kristan has spent many hours volunteering in her community. She was voted as volunteer of the month at the YWCA in Salt Lake City, April 2022.  

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