Jiyoon Yu



When I heard our Voices of Utah Spring 22 beat is related to Asian Americans, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Because I felt little pressure to come up with a creative topic, it was my first time writing my article.

At first, I felt difficulties collecting and selecting some sources and interviewees. Publishing a story can be a crucial factor in giving recognition to an audience. 

Learning the manner when I do some interviews with people whom I never met was a challenge itself for me. Setting the location, interview times, and making appropriate questions are valuable experiences as a future journalist.

News outlets that thrive now and in the future will be those that can understand and serve the whole of their communities.

I continually tried to consider the ‘Writer’s toolbox’ by completing my article. I’m not an English person, but I believe that text and strong topic sentences have the power to move our minds. Writers should look over their stories before publication. This practice makes a lot of sense in investigative reporting when we interview powerful people for a story. The vast majority of my interviews were not adversarial situations. People I interviewed were often helping me out. In this point of view, peer editing is also one of the essential previous steps. 

The relationships between my peers and me are cooperative ones. We can exchange much advice and get ideas for a wide range of sentence types. Solid supporting details and a nut graph tell the reader what the writer is up to; it delivers a promise of the story’s content and message. All these diversity components need persuasive arguments that this issue has broader, deeper, urgent effects on our news organizations and their future sustainability. It is an honor to participate in this meaningful project, and I’m grateful to everyone around me for helping me develop my reporting and writing skills. 


A graduate of the University of Utah, Jiyoon Yu is a high achiever who majored in Communication. She has a passion for journalism and looks forward to writing her own stories with her point of view as she enters the field of journalism and begins studying.

Jiyoon knew from an early age that she wanted to work as a journalist. Participating in journalism is something she is truly passionate about. Jiyoon enjoys movies and games as much as other people, but she actually views newscasters as the real superheroes in her life. She loved school from the moment she hosted the news as a school announcer. She has loved every minute of her time in the broadcasting booth, from exploring new topics to building strong announcing skills and collaboration with other students. 

Jiyoon is also an active learner of foreign language. In 2019, she was selected for Chinese Language Summer School program from University of Utah Asia campus (UAC) and went to Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) for four weeks. She finds this achievement very rewarding and considers it to be a wonderful experience that will help for her future career. During her high school years, Jiyoon served as a volunteering English tutor, helping students in lower grades master spelling and writing skills. 

She was a member of U-Go-Girl, which is a girls hip hop dance club and Ultimate Broadcasting with Absolute Quality (UBAQ) in UAC. She played a role that allows her to participate in various performances of UAC, such as Incheon Global Campus (IGC) Music Festival. For the UBAQ, she filmed and edited some short films directly to introduce students’ school life and uploaded them on UAC social media (Facebook) page as well.

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