Kendra Wilmarth



As a journalist I believe that everyone has a story. This semester has only validated this notion. Everyday people here in Utah have tales that seem so distant to our conservative communities. Covering the Asian-American beat has shown me how diverse Utah really is. We have neighborhoods throughout Utah that most people don’t even know exist.

For example, the article I wrote on gangs. How many residents in Utah know that just in Salt Lake there are around 3,000 documented gang members? And that among those members are some gangs designated just for Asian kids? I was shocked to discover this information. To speak with someone who is involved in this lifestyle was a wake-up call. Utah has a mixture of all types of people. People whose stories need to be told. Our public has no idea of the struggle that most Utahns face. Especially the struggle that new Utahns face.

During this beat I have become more aware of the social injustice between races. Not only do different races feel inferior to each other but I have learned that within the Asian community there is pride and competition between the different ethnicities.

We had two incredible women come and speak to our class. To see someone of their success and hear of their stories is inspiring. It proved to me that not every story of success is an easy one. These Asian-American women came from difficult circumstances. Now they are two publicly recognized women who have reached the top. I have found that the cliché statement of “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is simply true.

That’s why as a new reporter I have learned to keep my eyes open to all communities and walks of life. Media have a responsibility to cover stories of all backgrounds. Because just around the corner could be a life-changing story that someone needs to tell and the public would love to hear.


I am currently 21 and a senior at the University of Utah. I will graduate in Spring 2011 with a degree in mass communication with an emphasis in journalism and a minor in political science. My goal is to become a field reporter for a TV news station. Curiousity drives my life. Whether it’s interviewing someone for a story or talking to a personal friend, I ask a lot of questions. I am passionate about my career choice and feel that, if used wisely, journalism is a very powerful tool. I am a lover of football, especially Utah football. I enjoy dancing, jogging outside and rock climbing. I love to connect with nature and feel water running between my toes. I spent the past summer in Germany and traveled through Northern Europe. I was lucky enough to see many beautiful and historic places. My family is very important to me and from them I learned the influence of communication. I believe that just by listening to someone’s story you can help improve their life and you might just be surprised at what they can offer you. I am interning at KUTV 2News right now and am learning the tricks of the trade. Also, I am currently on the U’s news broadcast, Newsbreak. I am excited for my future and hope this won’t be the last you’ll hear from this reporter.

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