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MY BLOG: The returning student

Going back to school as an older student, I’ve brought with me years and years of life experiences. However, this doesn’t mean that I know everything; quite the contrary. I’ve met so many students and professors who have left their mark on me and I will continue to use what I’ve learned from them in my everyday life. As soon as one closes the mind, all opportunities and possibilities disappear.

Digging into the Asian-American beat has led me to meet very fascinating Utahns. After reflecting on the various people I have spoken with, one word comes to my mind to describe all of them: courage.

It takes a huge amount of courage to leave your family behind and travel to a new country. It takes courage to stand up for yourself in the face of discrimination. It takes courage to change careers and to follow your dream, even if it means starting all over. Finally, it takes courage to admit to yourself and others that to be slightly different from society’s “norm” is OK.

If we can each stand up and be counted as responsible members of our community and end bullying, we have then accomplished a gigantic feat. Thanks to the people with whom I’ve met and the tireless commitment they’ve made,  the movement has already begun and it is gaining momentum.

When this semester began, I felt anxious about jumping into the beat and into writing practically full-time about something so unfamiliar to me. But now, as the class is coming to an end, I find myself wishing for more time. More time to expand on my stories, more time to explore my beat further and more time to concentrate on the “magical” aspects of writing. I’ve discovered that certain places will produce certain moods for my writing. I’ve also realized that I do most of my best work after midnight. I am indeed a nocturnal person. Also, I’ve found that to open my own self up and let my personality flow into my writing is just what I’ve needed to grow as a writer.

As a writer I will continue to produce truthful stories in order to educate, and to draw out just enough emotion to prompt the reader into taking action. After all, a community is only as good as the citizens who support it. Talk is cheap and action speaks volumes. It is our civic duty to become involved – even if it’s just one step at a time.


I will aways remember my mother’s words when I first decided to return to the U: “You can be everything you want, just not all at the same time.”

I’ve been a mother, a full-time employee, a supportive wife and a homemaker. Now, I am an empty nester who is searching for a new adventure in the next stage of my life. My husband, Doug, and I enjoy traveling, and I am looking forward to doing just that now that I’ll be graduating soon. I love the outdoors and can’t wait to explore more of it with both of my four-legged best friends, Koty and Bella. Family is very important to me so I plan to still extend my shoulder as far as I can for them whenever they need it.

I am grateful for a supportive family who has helped me keep my nerves intact when I was feeling like checking myself into a mental hospital. My children’s hugs mean more to me than a month at the most exclusive spa. My husband is a rock and I admire his patience for me while I’ve been on this physically exhausting yet exciting journey. Soon it will be time to play. Then I will take time to look for work using all I have learned at the U, especially in this class.  Thank you to all.

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