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MY BLOG: Less is more

Before, the cliché, less is more, had no real meaning to me. To me, more dessert was better than less dessert, more coffee was was better than less coffee, and, at times, more alcohol was better than less alcohol. But my goal to become a news writer proved the common cliché to be accurate in every way.

When I eat too much dessert, I get too full. When I drink copious amounts of coffee, I can’t fall asleep. When I consume bottles of alcohol, I get very intoxicated. Lastly, when I add too much description into a story, I make the readers and myself confused.

When reflecting on my writing style in the past and present, I have noticed a great change in syntax, organization, and choice of words. All changes are due to the motto, “less is more!”

The example of less being more can be found in my last story, “You’re Born Naked and Everything Else Is Drag.” While researching for this story, I discovered the rich history of drag queen life. Before, I would have become overwhelmed and would have felt the urge to include all my research. But with the idea of less is more in mind, I took a straight angle and included the story of two drag queens’ journeys.

On my quest to become a news writer and journalist, I discovered that clichés, though overused, have the power to teach useful lessons.

ABOUT ME: Bonjour mes amis! I would very much love to introduce myself and offer the credentials I will carry into the world of journalism. My name is Frances Moody and I am a student at the University of Utah studying International Studies and Mass Communication. I love anything and everything French. With that being said, I am also minoring in French. Parlez-vous français? At only 22 years of age, I have the whole world ahead of me. Coming from the small town of Mt. Pleasant, Utah, I am ready to experience more than the local Dairy Queen and drive-in theater. In summary, I want to travel the world and get the most out of my young life. Hopefully, my passion for new experiences and yearning to live among different cultures will allow me to become a phenomenal writer and journalist.

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