McKenzie Dean



Coming into intermediate reporting at first, I honestly thought it was going to be a repetition of what I have already learned out in the “real world,” through the several internships that I have done.

I have done a vast amount of work with the Utah Jazz and the University of Utah Athletics program, focusing largely on football. Throughout working with these different sports teams, I have and continue to receive multiple opportunities to interview others.

Throughout the course of the semester, I have come to realize how much my experiences in this class have strengthened my writing towards my undergraduate education. It has proven how grateful I am for the opportunity to take this class with Holly Mullen.

Holly has been the utmost help and a very beneficial teacher when it comes to improving my writing and becoming successful in my future career path, wherever it may take me.

This class has provided me the opportunity to strengthen my work, provides amazing clips to add to my portfolio and established a more crisp and clearer path for my life after graduation.

Intermediate reporting has been one of the many classes that have been truly beneficial and provided challenges and accomplishment towards my success as a student and future professional. Without classes like intermediate reporting, I wouldn’t be the step ahead of other students fighting for similar career positions.

Through this class, I have been able to learn more about what is going on in the Salt Lake area, the state of Utah and even pertaining to the nation. It has allowed me to become more updated and aware of what is going on in such a fast-paced world.

I’m excited to implement all I have learned in this class to my work, whether it is through interviewing, writing and going about my different projects I am assigned to. I am anxious to see where my life will lead and know that this class will help get me to where my dreams, since a young girl, will take me.


Growing up in a house full of boys with a dad as a football and basketball coach in Southern Nevada,  it’s been my goal since a young girl to pursue a career in sports media. Currently a junior at the University of Utah, I study in mass communication and continue to reach my goal of becoming a sideline reporter. Whether it is through covering Utah Ute athletics to the Utah Jazz, my experiences working here in the Salt Lake media industry have helped my passion for sports and journalism grow tremendously.

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