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As a novice writer fairly new to the journalism major, this course was difficult for me, not only because the longest news piece I had ever written before this class was about 400 words long and for an Introduction to News Writing class, but also because the topic was something I had never even thought about reporting on.

Adrienne PurdyThe LGBT community is a diverse and colorful group of people that frankly, I didn’t think existed in Utah. Reporting on the LGBT beat this semester was challenging, but also eye opening to the climate in Utah regarding the LGBT community, as well as its presence here.

From University of Utah Pride Week in October to Cyber Slut’s bingo parties to adoption and legal issues to media representation of gays and lesbians, there has been no shortage of material to research and report on. I have learned new things about myself as well as the community I live in.

That being said I believe my future career leads not to writing but to some sort of speaking. I have found that I can get my ideas across much easier when I’m telling someone face to face. As news director of KUTE student radio I really enjoy interviewing people on air and making a personal connection from them to my audience. I have enjoyed the practice this course gave me in writing because I have become, literally, 100 times better than I was when I came to this class, which is a scary thought.

I have become more aware of some of the issues and problems faced by the LGBT community of Utah, such as adoption rights, right to medical power of attorney, job security and bullying. I think that working on a specific beat during the entire semester was a great opportunity to really be able to delve into the subject and have the stories build on one another, not necessarily in content, but in my personal knowledge that I relied on while writing.

Having finished this course I can now proudly claim the title of “Intermediate Reporter.” While this was sometimes a course in the basics of writing, as well as the more intricate ins and outs, it taught me time and again that one of the most important aspects of your writing is connecting to your community and to your audience. After all without an audience, who are we?


I am a communicator with a passion for telling stories. I believe that everyone, everywhere has some sort of story to tell, whether it be long or short, visual or written, happy, sad, funny, moving or encouraging. I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and hope to someday have my own talk show telling people’s stories for others to hear. I believe in focusing on the good in life and helping others find it too.

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