Connor Wallace



Covering the LGBTQ beat opened my eyes, not because I was surprised at the difficulties that faced the community, but at the privileges I have that some people do not. In a way, I am an outsider. I am a young, white, able-bodied, straight, gender-conforming male. I do not have to worry about censoring something about myself in order to fit in. In talking with Hispanic gay immigrants, I found out that they do have to modify their identities in different communities. They worry about being seen as too Hispanic in the gay community and being seen as too gay in the Hispanic community. It shocked me. I have never had to check any part of my personality, and I realized that it was because I am not a member of a group that has been marginalized. Imagine being told by loved ones or by society that an aspect of who you are is wrong or evil. That is essentially what some in the LGBTQ community go through.

I have learned so much about this beat from my short time reporting on it. I think when most heterosexual people see LGBTQ people they see the stereotypical gay couple who has been portrayed on shows like “Modern Family.” While this is an aspect of a relationship, it is only a segment of life. The LGBTQ community covers so many different areas and people. It is just as diverse as any other group. There isn’t one opinion on issues like gay marriage in the gay community, just as there would be in any other. I may be an outsider looking in on the community, but I’ve learned that I am an ally.


I have lived in Utah my entire life. I grew up in both West Jordan and Taylorsville. The idea of becoming a journalist is a relatively new ambition that I am cultivating. I originally wanted to become a physical therapist but I found that the path I was taking was not fulfilling me. I took a hard look at myself and realized a little over a year ago that I wanted to become a sports broadcast journalist. I couldn’t have made a better choice. While I am still trying to get involved in sports specifically, I have discovered that all types of journalism interest me.

I currently work as a news DJ for K-UTE, which is the college radio station for the University of Utah. I also want to start writing for the U’s school newspaper, the Daily Utah Chronicle, in Spring 2013. I want to see my work published in print because seeing my stories online has been exciting and I want to be able to bring a copy of the paper to my family and friends and show them that I am a journalist.

After I graduate in Summer 2013 I want to start down my career path by getting an internship at a sports radio station and move my way up until I can become a DJ with my own show. I also want to explore print, television and online journalism as well. I do want to attend graduate school too. I want to attend Northwestern University and participate in the Medill Graduate Journalism Program. The reason being is that some of my favorite sports broadcasters, Mike Greenberg and Michael Wilbon, both attended Northwestern. The idea of getting paid to talk about sports on any level and through any medium is my dream.

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