Elizabeth Nielson


The secrets of patrolling the Taylorsville community

Delta Gamma Reputations 

He shoots, he scores 

Through Comm 1610 Intro to News Writing, I have developed skills that I haven’t been taught until now. The different writing styles and formats of writing a story have taught me to go out of my way and try new things. The Associated Press Stylebook is one of my favorite books I have ever been interested in, and it has taught me the correct way of using words. Having quizzes weekly about using correct grammar has improved my writing and spelling. I have valued the way we have used The Associated Press Stylebook through Intro to News Writing.

I have had to get out of my comfort zone to ask strangers about their experiences on campus, patrolling Taylorsville, Halloween plans and many more. These experiences have taught me to understand people’s views and values. I have never been a decent writer, but through story after story, I have had more practice to become better.

I have never been consistent on reading the newspaper. Taking Intro to News Writing gave me the opportunity to appreciate The Salt Lake Tribune and be familiar with occurring events that may not be shown in other newspapers. Reading the newspaper also gave me the opportunity to read journalist’s articles and get familiar with formats, leads and kickers for my news-writing style. This course was definitely worth my time and money even when I had doubts about my writing.


My name is Elizabeth Nielson; I attend the University of Utah and am striving to graduate with a communication degree. College is fun, but I am ready to graduate. I have a passion for being outdoors and trying new things. One thing I love about living and studying in Utah is the mountains that surround this beautiful state. No matter what season it is in Utah, the mountains have a special place in my heart.




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