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  • Despite Distrust Nationwide, Sacramento Police attempt to Gain Trust of Community 
  • Godzilla El Nino, Savior or Bust?
  • Utah Basketball Preview

MY BLOG: I’m currently enrolled in a journalism class at the University of Utah and have learned a great deal about developing stories and writing correctly in AP style in the class. I would say the hardest part of any story is gaining access to good and credible sources, especially as a student with other responsibilities to take care of as well. It can sometimes take a little while to get the right sources. You first need to identify the objective within the story and then find sources and quotes that will back that up. Some sources are harder to talk to than others. In my Utah Basketball preview story, it was little difficult to get quotes from basketball players at the University of Utah. Fortunately, I have a friend on the team and was able to gain access that way. In contrast, it was easier for me to find sources for my El Nino story because I was collecting quotes from in-laws and other more general members of society and how the drought has effected them.

I have found it funny how people’s demeanors change when they are being interviewed. I have interviewed family and friends and know how they talk. When being interviewed, they speak more carefully and don’t use any slang.

I have enjoyed my journalism class so far and I have been pleasantly surprised by the course. Once you have quotes from people, it’s fun to write the stories because you are conveying your interviewees ideas to the reader.  So far, this class been a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to what’s next.

ABOUT ME: My name is David DeLoney and I’m a strategic communications major at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I’m originally from Sacramento, California and love the mountains here in Utah! I enjoy writing, snowboarding, basketball and great food.

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