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How I decided the topic for my Enterprise Story

I went to a Planned Parenthood panel meeting where I heard interesting view points on women’s health, society, and how it effects different racial and social groups. After that panel I became very interested in doing more research in how Utah chooses to handle their sexual education and how the citizens feel about that.

I located sources through the local government. I contacted both Utah senators, the governor and representatives on the Education Board. These were the best sources, because while many people many have opinions on the policies, these are the elected officials that have the power to change or keep the status quo.

Luckily I didn’t encounter too many moral dilemmas or obstacles. Everyone I talked to was very respectful no matter their opinion.

I decided my focus based on the direction that my interviews went. I had assumptions on what I thought might be important to people, however it actually wasn’t necessarily how the interviews went, so I adapted.

I think one of the interesting details was from Brenna Martinez, the Health Promotion graduate. She has a sister who became pregnant as a teenager. She comments that her sister’s sexual education in school was abstinence only, however that didn’t stop her from having sex. She wishes that she and her sister would have been educated more on safe sex.

Another surprise I had in my interviewing was how the abstinence-only promoters handled my questions. I thought considering the topic, that religion would somehow make its way into the answers some way or another. However, it completely stayed out of the answers, making me pleasantly surprised.


unnamed-2My name is Lindsay Mackay. I am a junior in the Strategic Communication and Campaign Management programs at the University of Utah. My favorite topics are Politics and Current Events. My hobbies include going to the theatre and ballet, traveling, skiing and boating. My goal after graduation is to become a campaign manager.

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