Allexis Gonzalez


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Breaking the Football Mold


Given my status and experiences as an immigrant to the United States, I’ve seen different cultures and had unique experiences that have provided me with a broad lens through which to see the world and its varied issues. Because of this, I’ve developed strong passions on a wide range of topics, but particularly toward my experiences as an immigrant.

Many of my ideas for stories come from the aforementioned experiences and my views on the world. I tend to find my sources through personal relationships. Thus far, this has worked well for me and I’ve been able to get more detailed quotes because my sources feel comfortable sharing with me. This, however, has on occasion been problematic, particularly, when I need to ask harder follow-up questions.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, but through having to research and write these stories, I learned something very important about the type of writing that I enjoy. I’ve realized that creative writing is more where my strengths as a writer lie. Keeping bias out of a story is just too difficult for me, and writing within a set of parameters with such strict guidelines just feels very restrictive. I do, however, greatly admire those who can do it and do it well. It takes mad skills to be able to be so passionate about reporting newsworthy stories and tell them well. It’s funny how TV and movies glamorize news writing so much. They make it seem so easy and sleuthy when in reality it’s a crazy amount of work and staring at walls when you get stuck, which happens every 10 minutes or so.


Allexis is currently studying Communication at the University of Utah and works as a Marketing Specialist by day. By night, she explores the great outdoors through trail runs and long drives up the canyon. She believes that the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place as home. In her spare time, you will find Allexis listening to music, eating baked goods like they’re going out of style, working out like there’s no tomorrow, and trying to do as much of all the above while sitting atop a mountain.


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