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Writing is not my forte. I have known this from a young age. It has always been something I have to work at extra hard. Up until my junior year of college, I believed I could get away with not excelling in writing and still be successful. I was so quickly corrected as soon as I took an internship as a press intern in U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch’s Washington, D.C. Office. I now know being a strong writer is crucial. Don’t believe me? Check out any job listing and read under job requirements, you will always find the bullet point staying “Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.” During my internship, I was pushed and dragged into writing – and writing a lot.

I am so grateful I was mentored and now understand the importance of writing. This doesn’t mean writing comes easy to me, I still have to work at it each time, but I have learned the more you write and just get everything on a page, then edit and revise and edit some more, you can improve and surprise yourself more than you ever thought. I am living proof.

Now was a student in a news-writing class, I am continuing to build on the foundation I developed in Washington, D.C. The biggest challenge for me is not writing persuasive papers. Growing up, I have been working so hard on writing argumentative academic papers and now switching to reporting has been a challenge, but a rewarding one.

Each time I sit down to write, I feel more confident in what I am doing. I know I still have a long way to go and there is always going to be room for improvement, but I am glad that I am developing the skills that will help me be successful in my work life and personal life.


IMG_4617If there is food and an adventure involved, I am there. I have grown up in Utah exploring nature’s playground and eating good, local food throughout my life. I could spend every day hiking, biking, running, boating, and skiing by day and eating my way through this great state by night or brunch. The adoration I have for the state of Utah has kept me here for college, and now, four years later, I love this state even more. I am a senior at the University of Utah graduating in May with a degree in Strategic Communications and a Business Minor. I look forward to pursuing a career where I can share my passions and love the work I do.

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