Jordan Senteno



While reporting on this beat and writing stories, I did feel like an “outsider” just because I had never reported or written stories that dealt with diversity in arts and culture. I have never focused on this beat, so I felt like an “outsider” because I didn’t have the knowledge or background on this beat that an “insider” has. I think it affected my writing to begin with because I didn’t know what to expect or how to write a story that depicts diversity in arts and culture. But, as the semester went on, I felt more and more comfortable with the beat and the expectations. This allowed me to grow as writer.

My reporting of this beat did increase my understanding tremendously. For example, I learned the value of arts/culture in Salt Lake City. There are several different organizations here in Utah and they’re all striving to inform the community of the arts and many events happening all while trying to get others to make a difference and be creative. As we had guest speakers come in and talk about their role in the arts, I became more comfortable writing stories that reflect our diversity in arts and culture. I do see benefits of reporting this beat. For example, it broadened my writing ability as I got out of my comfort zone and wrote stories on a beat that I had never written about. Another benefit was getting my work out there in the world as we’re published, so many people can view my stories.

As a result of my reporting this semester, I became more aware and more knowledgeable about diversity in arts and culture. I will use this information to attend events in the community. This class as a whole from the reporting, exercises and discussions has helped me so much in developing my writing ability. I want to thank you Professor Mangun for pushing me this semester to become a more versed and credible writer.


I realized when I was a sophomore in high school that I wasn’t going to become a professional football player. But, becoming a sports journalist will allow me to write about my love and passion for sports. Ever since that moment I have aspired to achieve my dream.

I graduated from Herriman High School and chose to take my talents to the University of Utah and major in communication. Being a sports fanatic I enjoy watching all sports and will never pass on watching a sporting event or reading different sports articles. Another one of my hobbies is writing on my blog.

I will be graduating from the University of Utah in May 2017. This journey has been tough and filled with many obstacles, but I feel like it has prepared me for becoming a successful sports journalist. My ultimate long-term goal/dream is becoming a sports anchor for either ESPN or NFL Network.

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