Peyton M. Dalley



I transferred to the University of Utah after two years at Dixie State University. My goal was to get more journalism experience and pursue the passion for writing I’ve had my whole life. Not only was I able to get writing opportunities, but I also had a one-on-one interaction with my future employer.

Within three months I was able to execute my passion for writing, while developing a skillset that can be used through a variety of fields, not just in the journalism world. This prepared me for face-to-face interviews and on-the-spot writing that led up to my final enterprise story, where I was able to have a taste of my future career at NBC down in Los Angeles.


Photo by Alyssa Ence.

Reporting and being a hands-on journalist this first semester helped me realize that silence sends the most powerful message. Seeing that I often ask many questions at once, reporting helped me realize that one question can lead to another and listening can be more powerful than asking. However, I did struggle with staying on one specific beat this semester. My reporting and journalism took more than one route and it was hard to re-route my objective back to one specific beat.

While my enterprise story was by far the hardest to execute, because of the time frame and deadlines, writing profiles and other side stories in between helped me develop the concept for my final story. I was also able to learn how to meet those deadlines in a short time. It not only gave me the confidence to know I could write a well-constructed story in a short time,  but also helped me multitask with several stories on the line with similar deadlines.

Both my media classes this semester provided me with the tools for constructing a well-written story. They also gave me connections for internships and opportunities to meet new people. On top of writing for class, I was also able to write as an intern for the Daily Utah Chronicle and become a co-editor for Odyssey Online. Both have helped get my work published on a platform for an audience to engage with.

Overall I would say this was a successful semester that pushed me to limits I didn’t even think were possible. I’m looking forward to what the next semester has in store and as a result of my reporting this semester, I have realized this is what I want to do with my life.


My name is Peyton Dalley, or TinaPey on social media. Since I was 8, I’ve had the desire to write and perform on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” — a dream I’m currently in the process of living.

If I’m not at my tiny pink laptop writing about a millennial-related topic, I can be found at a local coffee shop or head-banging at one of my favorite concerts. Little-dog videos are what get me through the day, and Amy Schumer’s voice soothes me to sleep at night. I love connecting with people on a real-world level, and enjoy laughing at the little things.

Currently I write for the Daily Utah Chronicle, as well as Odyssey Online, where I get to write what I love about this thing called life. I have been called the song bird of my generation, and am often times mistaken for the actor Tina Fey. Most importantly, I’m fluent in both English and sarcasm, and majoring in mass communication at the University of Utah.

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