Brynna Maxwell



My first article raised awareness for the struggle athletes are going through in regard to their mental health during the pandemic and how it is happening on all levels of play — from high school to college. My initial expectations were to have each athlete I interviewed tell the same type of story and have the same issues in their life.

However, I could not have been further from the truth. Each interview took a different turn and went on a unique path. I learned that everyone has had a different experience related to COVID-19 and has each handled it differently. It was so interesting learning about the trials and tribulations they each had gone through because they were all entirely different from one another. 

I had a couple epiphanies through the process of writing both of my articles. I learned that I like learning about other people’s stories and what their life is like. It fills me with so much joy when a person gets asked that one question and they just light up, catching me up on their journey through life. I want to continue doing that in some way.

The stories I have written have both hit very close to home. The first had such an impact on me because my mental health was not that great for a lot of my sport’s season. The second article was about my childhood coach and it was so great to go back and reflect on all of the memories over the years. Because of these similarities in articles, I learned a lot about myself during the interviewing process. I found out I was not the only one struggling mentally this year, and that everyone has had issues related to their mental health and overall wellbeing. It was a relief to know I was not alone. 

I am currently a shooting guard on the University of Utah women’s basketball team. Photo courtesy of Utah Women’s Basketball

I definitely want to continue my involvement in relation to athletes and their mental health. Both articles I wrote showed me the incredible impact coaches can have on their players. Being a student athlete myself, I can relate to these people’s experiences involving mental health and my heart goes out to them. I want to continue being a voice for the voiceless in this area, whether through journalism or just using the platform I have been blessed with to engage and educate others on mental health.

After interviewing people for my second article, I might be able to help by becoming a coach. Through my experiences, and the people I interviewed for my article, I learned there is a lot that needs to be done to give athletes the support they need mentally on all levels and I want to be a part of the journey to get that help for them.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have always had a love for writing. I grew up in a small town about an hour away from Seattle and graduated from Gig Harbor High School. When not writing, I fill my time playing basketball, writing in my journal, petting my cat, and going on adventures. You can almost always see me hiking up a mountain.

I am currently a sophomore attending the University of Utah and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism. My first story was published in the fall of 2020 on the U NewsWriting website.

Through my writing, as well as playing basketball, I have been blessed to experience a lot of amazing things, including being shown on TV. Those experiences helped me understand my passion for sports broadcasting and journalism which, hopefully, I can find a lasting career in once I graduate.

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