Brianna Pearson


Out of state student-athletes of color at the University of Utah speak out

University of Utah athletic team use their platforms to promote social justice


When I was told we were going to be writing our stories on a specific beat this semester I soon asked myself, what is a beat? I had no idea what that meant. But thankfully, Voices of Utah taught me exactly what a beat is, and for that, I am grateful I had the opportunity to be in this class. 

I quickly came to learn that we were going to specifically be writing about the African American community within the state of Utah. At first, I thought this would be more difficult just because of the Utah demographics. But then, I realized this beat is not focused on very much in Utah, so I was excited to take on this opportunity of focusing on this beat.

My expectations for this beat changed quickly as the semester went on. I was so eager to learn more about this community and really understand others from a whole different perspective. This beat taught me to have conversations that might be out of my comfort zone, and this has already helped me become a better interviewer for my future. 

I wanted my stories to be focused on the African American community within Utah athletics. As I had the chance to interview many student-athletes, it really opened my eyes by hearing some of their stories and experiences at the University of Utah. It made me feel a way that is unexplainable, and taught me new things such as how undiverse some of the Utah athletic teams really are. As a journalist, I found a sense of respect toward these individuals because of their willingness to open up to me. They shared some parts of their life that were very hard conversations to have. 

I hope to continue my involvement within this community because it really needs to be focused on more. Hearing more stories about this community is something the state of Utah should incorporate more into their news reporting. I enjoyed learning things I had not known before as well as hearing about some experiences that have really affected the individual. I hope wherever I go with journalism, I have the opportunity to meet new people within this community and build relationships with individuals that can help me become more educated. I am eager to learn more and listen within this community and am excited to see where journalism next leads me.  


Brianna Pearson is a junior at the University of Utah and is majoring in communication with an emphasis in journalism. She has a huge passion for sports as she is a part of the Utah women’s soccer team, competing at one of the highest levels in college soccer. 

Her ultimate dream is to be a sports broadcaster for ESPN. But if that does not work out, she would love to work in the sports industry. Her passion for soccer has driven her in wanting to have a career within the sports world. 

Being a student-athlete, she has learned many things, but the most important thing she has learned is time management. Brianna has had to balance being a Division I Pac-12 player while also maintaining good grades in order to compete. Long days of practices, lifts, film sessions, treatments and rehab, has only made her appreciate the ability to be a 3.86 GPA student.  

As athletics have taken up a ton of her time throughout her life, she hopes to find an internship as a social media marketer, or as a journalist within the sports industry during the summer of 2021. Voices of Utah has been the only experience she has had with journalism so far.

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