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Coming into this semester, there were a lot of concerns on my end about how the course would go. I was worried about a multitude of things. Was I going to be good enough to interview people? Would my interview questions be compelling? Would I report on topics that were interesting to the general public? Was I going to write pieces that I was proud of? Would my writing be good enough to create portfolio pieces that were worthy of including in job applications? 

Over the course of the semester, I have found that while my writing may not be perfect, it does have a strong enough base. My writing will probably never be perfect, but it is important that I try my hardest to write well. 

Beat reporting has helped my professional development by allowing me to focus on one specific theme. I am highly interested in writing for fashion publications, namely Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, or Vogue. Although I could have focused on Black fashion designers or creatives in the Salt Lake area, I wanted to challenge myself and write about topics that I didn’t have as much experience with. 

Voices of Utah has allowed me to learn what it is like to focus on one theme while also empowering me to be creative. This course has allowed me to develop the skills necessary to find strong sources and maintain professional contact with them. Previous to this, I found it very overwhelming and scary to approach somebody for an interview. Voices of Utah has helped me become more comfortable with that. 

In addition to the interpersonal skills that this course has taught me, it has also allowed me to venture into topics that I was interested in. 

The most satisfying parts of being a professional storyteller/communicator is that I get to share the things that I am passionate about with the public. I enjoy learning more about the topics that I am interested in and sharing the things that I find.

This semester, I really enjoyed writing about and reporting on the Black community in Salt Lake City. I will say, I did feel like an outsider when reporting on this. For my first story, I chose to write about Alpha Kappa Alpha, a historically Black sorority. I thought that because I myself am in a sorority, that I would be able to relate to a lot of the information that I would learn during my interviewing process. I learned that was far from the truth. I assumed that I would be an “insider” and I was wrong. This affected my reporting by pushing me to take extremely thorough note of everything that the people I interviewed were saying. 


Stephanie Rosiles is a journalism student at the University of Utah. Born to immigrant parents, Stephanie’s mother pushed her towards reading and writing from a young age. From a young age, she found a love for storytelling and began to author short stories with her friends, completed with illustrations. Through high school, she competed at an international level in writing competitions, where she discovered her passion for writing as a profession. 

At the University of Utah, Stephanie wrote for HerCampus, an online magazine targeted at female college students. She pitched, wrote, and produced meaningful content roundups and reviews as well as researched new ideas for weekly site content through site to site analysis and multimedia outlets. 

She also worked as a campus representative for Victoria’s Secret PINK, where she developed skills in event planning, writing copy, product development, and worked cross-functionally to plan, launch, and execute international marketing campaigns.

Stephanie also worked as a social media manager for Barstool Sports at the University of Utah. There, she identified social trends and tailored marketing campaigns to focus on demographics that showed outsized interest across channels such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Alongside a co-manager, she facilitated and oversaw a 65% growth in audience.

She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, a national women’s fraternity. There, she sits on various committees. Stephanie serves as bid day chair on the recruitment committee, PACE chair on the public relations and marketing committee, and serves on the banner committee. 

Stephanie hopes to move to New York City after graduating, where she wishes to make a career in luxury fashion and beauty publications. 

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