Madison Kuledge



This was my first time beat reporting. And to be honest, before I began this class I had no idea what it was, but I was eager to learn. 

When I learned that we were going to be focusing on the African American community within Salt Lake City I was excited and got to thinking about what I could report on that was important to me and the community. Therefore I chose to report on the two communities that had the most importance to me, my sorority and skiing. 

Initially, I was excited but then I began to get nervous. How does one who is an outsider of this community approach such a sensitive subject? I didn’t know how to ask someone to tell me about the racial discrimination that they had faced. However, I knew learning how to do this and putting it into practice would make me a better journalist. 

I quickly learned when I began talking to my sources that although it was a sensitive subject once I built rapport they were willing and happy to talk with me. Many of the conversations I had were informative and inspiring. 

I am thankful for this class for getting me involved within the communities that mean the most to me and opening my eyes to the issues within them and what I can do to help. 

I always knew ski racing was racially unequal but I never knew how bad it was or how I could make a difference. When I was talking to Shay Glas I learned about her idea to start an organization that provided used ski equipment to those of low income and I was inspired to get involved. 

Ski racing has been a passion of mine since I was 13 and over the years I have collected a lot of equipment and now that I have just recently retired I have no use for much of my stuff. After talking to Shay I am now excited for the potential that my equipment and fellow teammates can provide. 

After this semester I can confidently add a new skill to my journalistic tool belt, beat reporting. And I truly believe that it will help me in my future career. I think it’s important, as a journalist, to go out into your own community and find out what’s happening and to connect with the people in it. One can learn a lot by just having a 10-15 minute conversation. 

This is something that I do plan to stay involved with and while I only have a few short months left here in Salt Lake City I’d like to stay connected to the community. Wherever I move to next I’d like to continue to make a difference with my writing and be invloved with my community where it’s most needed. 


Madison is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and came to the University of Utah for her love of skiing. She is a senior in her last semester studying communication with an emphasis in journalism and minors in German language, geography and documentary studies. Madison has always had a passion for writing, yet, she never pursued that passion until she spent a year studying cell and molecular biology. It was when she was asked, “What do you want to do with your biology degree?” and her reply was, “Travel the world and ski” that she knew it was time to switch her major and journalism seemed like the ideal choice.

Since, she has loved every moment of her education. Madison has worked with Deseret News as an Arts, Entertainment and Trending News writer, Her Campus Utah as a bi-weekly content writer and Opportunity Network doing PR and content writing. She has a strong desire to travel and write about the world around her.

After she graduates in May, Madison plans on taking a year off and teaching English in Europe, hopefully in Russia or the Czech Republic, before either obtaining a master’s degree or finding a job relating to journalism.

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