Student programming a victim of budget cuts


Cotton candy machines, face painting, photo booths, and every other activity that you could enjoy with your friends. Bringing the student base together, meeting new people—all sounds fun, but it could be a victim of budget cuts.

Crimson Nights is a place where a young adult could simply be a kid again.

Last Friday was the first Crimson Nights in about four months. Crimson Nights is a school dance put on by the student body that’s filled with activities for the students to enjoy. Every Crimson Nights is themed and just built for the students to come out and enjoy. But lately there hasn’t been that many Crimson Nights to go to, and the students at the University of Utah are worried.

Junior Iwalani Rodgruies has been attending the University of Utah for three years now and claims she has never went this many months without Crimson Nights.

“When we went on our Crimson drought, I felt like something was missing,” Rodgriues said. “I kept asking people when the next Crimson Nights is.”

People at the University of Utah really missed Crimson Nights, and noticed differences from previous years than the times now.

“When you’re at a certain place for three years, of course you’ll notice differences,” Rodgriues said. “But I thought it would simply be differences and changes for the better. But speaking about Crimson, its gotten worse.”

With fewer activities Crimson Nights still continues, but only so often. Jamie Matteiu, a junior at the University of Utah, wants Crimson Nights to continue but is worried about the budget that the University of Utah has to work with.

“We love putting on Crimson Nights but we like doing other events as well,” Matteiu said “ Crimson is our best event but if we spend all the money at one Crimson Nights, than we don’t have enough for more than Crimson.”

With the budget being cut by one-fourth, the future for Crimson doesn’t look too bright.

“That’s when we have to think, do we have less Crimson Nights during the year and more activities during it, or do we have like three a year, with the best activities any event can offer,” Matteiu said.

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